The stylish new Bath Soak products employ Spectra’s angular 500ml Bevelled Rectangular design (Ref: 1083) in a beautiful frosted natural finish. Similarly, mini versions of BAVE’s bath soaks also use Spectra’s popular 100ml Tall Boston Round bottles (Ref: 1008), which also benefit from the same finish.  

Alex Beveridge, Business Development Manager at Spectra, said,

BAVE has already taken a forward-thinking approach by manufacturing their products with 35% recycled plastic. We’ve found that using recycled content is a great way for brands to demonstrate to their consumers a commitment to responsible packaging practices.” 

BAVE co-founders Reece Best and Joe Henshaw boast a graphic design and retail background. They sought to create a modern version of an ancient tradition, combining uniquely fragranced, essential-oil-infused Soaks with natural therapeutic Salts to create the ultimate bath time experience. The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with no animal testing.  

Reece said,

“We’re an environmentally conscious business and working alongside Spectra enabled us to package our products in a way that aligns with our sustainable principles”.  

Spectra can currently provide nearly 200 off-the-shelf standard designs as well as a comprehensive portfolio of closures to suit.  

The firm’s stylish Bevelled Rectangular is also available in a 250ml capacity option (Ref: 1089). In addition to the 100ml PET Tall Boston Round, Spectra’s extensive Tall Boston ranges include 50ml (Ref: 1007), 100ml (Ref: 1008), 125ml (Ref: 1006 and 1036), 150ml (Ref: 1021), 200ml (Ref: 1000), 250ml (Ref: 1001), 300ml (Ref: 1037), 400ml (Ref: 1028) and 500ml (Ref: 1055) capacity choices. In HDPE, the design is also available in 100ml (Ref: 6037), 150ml (Ref: 6015), 200ml (Ref: 6008), 250ml (Ref: 6001) and 500ml (Ref: 6023) capacities. 

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