Colour Matching

Spectra understands that colour can help elevate brands packaging in fiercely competitive market sectors such as personal care and toiletries.

We boast a long heritage in plastic colouring technology and work closely alongside trusted Masterbatch suppliers. It’s this industry expertise that enables us to provide the most appropriate solutions to help give your packaging a real point of difference.

We can provide a range of performance enhancing products from
anti-microbial additives to UV inhibitors, along with an array of stunning colour finishes from frosting and pearlescent to a natural speckled look that emulates card or stone.

Packed with Sustainability

Packed with Sustainability

Black plastics can be challenging to recycle because the carbon content prevents the item from being detected by the infra-red sorting systems used in recycling facilities.

However, Spectra can provide carbon-free masterbatch solutions, which enable black plastic items to be more easily sorted during
the recycling process, minimising the chances
of them being incinerated or sent to landfill.

Need an Environmental Solution?

What are the benefits of Spectra’s colour matching services?


We can exact match your desired colour from a wide variety of sources


We can provide advice on pigments and masterbatch in the moulding process


We work closely with trusted suppliers for total control over quality and delivery lead times


We can offer an array of colouring effects to give your packaging a point of difference

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