Utilising our versatile tubular design, the new 500ml packs were extrusion blow-moulded in HDPE (Ref: 6085). The finished packs were two-pass silkscreen printed in Spectra’s dedicated in-house decoration department.  

Using eco and vegan-friendly ingredients, the RENA range includes environmentally-friendly cleaners for the bathroom and kitchen, glass & stainless steel cleaners, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaning products. Each finished product box contains a 500ml spray bottle with two water-soluble refill sachets for a multi-use cleaning solution. 

Charlotte Potter, Business Development Manager (Export) at Spectra, said,

“Many customers are looking for environmentally-friendly ways to package their products and the use of refill options that prolong the life span of our bottles perfectly exemplifies this”. 

In addition to providing a refillable packaging solution, Cornu Cleaning Products, producers of RENA products, has also opted to use HDPE, one of the most widely recyclable plastics available through conventional kerbside collection practices. 

Spectra’s extensive Tubular ranges are arguably the largest on the market and are available in both HDPE and PET. The range includes over 65 designs in 30ml to 500ml capacities. Available with a choice of neck finishes, Spectra’s popular range includes standard tubular designs, slim, short and foamer options, as well as several non-aerosol versions available with over caps for a stylish seamless profile. 

For more information on Spectra’s tubular packs or any of our other off-the-shelf standard bottle and closure designs, visit https://www.spectra-packaging.co.uk/choose-your-packaging/ 

Spectra worked with their Belguim-based distributor, Covera Packaging, on the project (https://covera.be).

For more information on the Cornu Cleaning Product ranges, visit https://cornucleaningproducts.com/rena-2/.

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