Founded by University friends Matt and Tim, the Homethings range comprises eco-friendly everyday household cleaning products, including tabletised cleaning sprays, laundry pods, dishwasher tablets, floor pods and compostable sponges.  

Matt and Tim entered BBCs Dragons Den looking for a £50,000 investment in return for a 2% stake in their venture. The pair of entrepreneurs had Deborah Meaden in their sights because they felt she could support their environmental credentials as an eco-minded investor. However, as the two founders were part of a fundraising arrangement, there was little scope for negotiation. In the end, all the Dragons made an offer to Matt and Tim, and they were able to team up with their original choice of Deborah, who partnered up with Peter Jones. 

The brands cleaning sprays take advantage of Spectra’s new 500ml Tall Boston Round (Ref: 1147), blow moulded in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled PET and designed to be refilled and reused.  

Homethings decided to opt for PCR packaging because of the findings from a survey they had carried out with The London Waste and Recycling Board to look at a circular economy diagnostic on their entire supply chain and processes. 

One of the key recommendations from the report was to use ‘PCR Plastics’ as an alternative option to virgin glass bottles because they have a much lower carbon footprint. Indeed, Homethings new PCR kits have an incredible 58% reduction in emissions compared to their glass kits, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint.  

As well as taking advantage of Spectra’s PCR packaging, the Homethings bottles also benefit from two-pass silkscreen printing, carried out in-house at Spectra’s dedicated decoration department. 

Dan Smith, Business Development Manager at Spectra, said, “It was fantastic to see Matt and Tim get the richly deserved investment on the programme. It illustrated what a great product range they have and shows their commitment to minimising their environmental impact. We’re really proud to be part of their success”. 

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