For their Daily Calma Shampoo and Daily Calma Conditioner products, they opted for Spectra’s versatile 250ml Palma Oval (Ref: 1030) and disc top closure (Ref: 3033).  

In search of a sleek, contoured profile, CENTRED chose Spectra’s 100ml Non-aerosol Tubular (Ref: 1107), combined with a stylish gloss overcap (Ref: 3003) for their En Root Scalp Treatment and Detangling Hair Primer products.  

Both packs were injection stretch blow moulded in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled PET for a genuinely environmental solution. 

Spectra’s in-house decoration department also provided an eye-catching high build print on the bottles to emphasise the brand name. Indeed, the use of Spectra’s revolutionary high-build print means brands products can benefit from a genuinely tactile outcome without the need for bespoke tooling. 

Dan Smith, Business Development Manager at Spectra, said, “As a responsible manufacturer, it’s always gratifying to work with brands like CENTRED who have a sustainability ethos and vision that is aligned with ours. The use of Post-Consumer Recycled materials will show their consumers that they are fully committed to reducing their impact on the environment even further.” 

Founded by Laura Tudor, the CENTRED range is formulated to completely nourish, strengthen and protect the hair and scalp from the inside out and the outside in. The environmentally-minded brand has created a range of expert hair care products that carefully consider every sustainability aspect. 

Laura commented, “We feel a personal responsibility in ensuring every action we make is from a place of consciousness. The solutions proposed by Spectra helped us achieve an environmentally friendly outcome that reflects our brand. As hair and beauty is a huge and growing market, it’s key that brands are committed to reducing single-use plastics in packaging. We hope to lead by example and inspire change in the category”. 

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