The new format sixth edition brochure highlights Spectra's extensive range of standard containers and closures and illustrates just how far the company continues to grow since the first edition catalogue was revealed in 2008.

Larger than its predecessor, the new style 108-page catalogue includes over 250 products in HDPE and PET, as well as Spectra’s impressive growing collection of injection moulded closures.

In addition to the functional product pages, the new piece also includes several pages of detailed information expanding on the firm’s numerous activities – from design, tooling, decoration and innovation to the Spectra’s environmental responsibilities.

Spectra’s Marketing Manager, Mark Kingston, believes the new publication is another natural progression in the firm’s evolution.

“We have always tried to ensure our flagship marketing piece reflects the company’s development. The new catalogue has been specifically designed with added features to help easily navigate our product offerings. It is fair to say it has been created with the end user in mind”.

Spectra’s new catalogue shows many of the containers with two neck configurations. This means customers can choose a variety of Spectra closures for their bottles to achieve a complete off-the-shelf packaging solution.

Mark went on to say,

“We have developed a strong identifiable brand over the years, and the new catalogue reflects that professional, yet approachable image. We aimed to create a modern and stylish piece that was both functional and inspirational for our customers. I firmly believe we have been successful on both counts”.

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