The new closure provides the perfect accompaniment to a number of HDPE and PET bottles from Spectra's extensive standard ranges.

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra, said,

“Although we are constantly adding to our existing bottle ranges, it is important to point out that we view our closure collection as equally important to our product portfolio”.

Indeed, Spectra continue to invest heavily in new closure components because they understand there are many customer benefits to coupling one of their bottles with one of their caps.

Trust and peace of mind play a key role in ensuring a pack isn’t badly let down by an inferior closure component as Jonathan was only too keen to stress.

“Sadly the success of a finished pack can often be let down by a poor fitting closure. However, using a single source supplier for both bottle and cap can help ensure peace of mind. Not only are our closures developed and tested to provide all important reliability, our single source fully synchronised delivery commitment ensures a stress-free service all under one roof. Using two manufacturers can often result in different lead-times, which can slow down the entire process”.

Another massive benefit of choosing Spectra’s closures is they can be provided in custom colours in small lots, as low as 5,000 pieces. This is ideal for brands wishing to order lower MOQ’s and is not always possible with other suppliers. The opportunity to custom colour components is seen as a huge bonus for many Spectra customers.

Bore sealed to guarantee peace of mind further, the new double wall flip-top joins the firms other high-quality flip tops. These include 20/415 (Ref: 3018), 24/410 (Ref: 3017), 24/415 (Ref: 3016) options and the firm’s innovative oval flip-top (Ref: 3930).

Much like Spectra’s other double wall closures, which include three neck options, this latest component helps to accentuate a sleek and seamless pack contour solution when coupled with one of the company’s stylish tubular bottles.

Jonathan went on to comment,

“We are very conscious that customers demand quality, peace of mind and a stress- free outcome. We believe our ability to manufacture both bottles and caps provides a compelling proposition for brands seeking an “all-under-one-roof” packaging solution”.

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