Diana Frost (Print Manager), who completed the C25K programme last year, led this year’s sessions, and what a fantastic job she has done as Head Coach.

Sue Medhurst (Print Operative), Nigel Howlett (EBM Optimisation Engineer) and John Pymar (Customer Services Representative) dusted off their running shoes (even bought brand new ones) and started the first session of the 9-week programme on Monday 5th June 2023.

At first, 60 seconds of running may have felt like a huge challenge to the team, but by week 5, they were all running for 20 minutes solid without stopping. Nigel was the first to attempt the 5K park run at Harleston, completing this on Saturday 15th July, in an impressive time of 33 minutes and 15 seconds. Not bad for someone that had only started the couch to 5k programme six weeks beforehand. 

Peter Medhurst (Health and Safety Officer) joined the programme for the last three weeks, eager to support his wife in this challenge. Sue and Pete both completed their 5K park run at Harleston on Saturday 5th August 2023. The weather was helpful, holding out on the rain until after the run, and Pete managed to finish with a sub-40 goal of 38 minutes and 24 seconds, with Sue coming in at 49 minutes and 48 seconds.

John Pymar completed his first 5K in his own time, in an impressive 40 minutes and 49 seconds!

Di Frost, Print Manager and Head Coach 2023 of the Couch to 5K says, “From experience, I am so thankful for the Couch to 5K group that Spectra organised last year. Running has become my passion, and I am so proud of what this year’s participants have achieved. Well done, Couch to 5k class of 2023!!”

A big thank you to everyone who has helped support our runners over the weeks and for attending the park run. Sam Read (Development Engineer), Eleanor Barham (Customer Services Representative), Jamie Fenn (Planning Supervisor), Ella-Rose Harrison-Reeve (Marketing Executive), Sophie Pearson (Customer Services Supervisor), and John Cunningham (Print Technician).

This year’s participants are eager to carry on with their running and are going on to bigger things later in the year and next year. Diana Frost, Sam Read and Nigel Howlett will be participating in the London Marathon 2024. John Cunningham, Diana Frost, Sam Read and Nigel Howlett have booked themselves in for Thetford Half Marathon in October after John and Sam completed the London Marathon earlier this year.

The regular Spectra running club will carry on at 5:10 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyone is welcome to join, no matter your running ability.

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