Over recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of both Halal and Vegan-friendly products. To satisfy growing demand, Spectra’s certified packaging will provide brands with a compelling opportunity to offer a complete Halal and Vegan-friendly solution – from product contents to packaging. 

The demand for Halal products has increased. As the global Muslim population grows, Muslims seek halal-certified food and look for Halal cosmetics, personal care items, and other products that align with their religious beliefs. This demand has led to a broader availability of Halal-certified options across all market sectors. 

Likewise, the popularity of Vegan-friendly products has seen a considerable surge with growing interest in veganism, including ethical concerns about animal welfare, environmental awareness, and health consciousness. Many consumers actively seek alternatives to animal-derived products, including cruelty-free cosmetics, and Vegan-friendly clothing and accessories. . 

Research suggests a rise in the popularity of Halal and Vegan-friendly products can be attributed to a number of factors, including awareness about dietary and lifestyle choices, the influence of social media, accessible information about these products, and a shift towards conscious consumption. 

As a result, many brands have reacted to this trend. They are actively developing and marketing halal and vegan options, expanding their product lines, seeking halal certifications, and introducing plant-based alternatives to cater to the growing demand.  

The certification will enable Spectra to support brands wishing to package their products as Halal and Vegan, providing several customer benefits, according to the firm’s Commercial Director, Gavin Chenery, who said, “We’re delighted to have secured both certifications. By offering Halal-approved products, we can confidently service expanding markets and be at the forefront of ethical packaging for consumers seeking products that meet their religious requirements”. 

He added, “Similarly, our Vegan-friendly packaging will cater for vegans and consumers looking for plant-based and cruelty-free options. By clearly labelling products with certified vegan packaging, our customers can make it easier for vegan consumers to identify appropriate choices that will also help strengthen customer loyalty”. 

To oversee the effective implementation of the internal halal compliance system, Spectra has formed a dedicated committee who have worked tirelessly to ensure Halal principles are trained to relevant employees within the business. Awareness training has been provided by the committee members, each of whom has undertaken HCO-recommended training, with refresher courses planned as and when required. 

Gavin added, “Huge efforts are made by brands to ensure their products meet the requirements for Halal and Vegan certification, but often the packaging falls short. These credentials mean our customers and end-user consumers can rest assured that their packaging is manufactured with the same care and to the same standards as the product it contains”

Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. A halal-certified product means that the product is permitted or acceptable by Islamic law. Offering halal-certified products makes Muslim consumers confident that their products align with their culture and beliefs. 

Vegan-certified packaging satisfies the principles of veganism, which avoids using animal-derived ingredients for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. It also helps individuals identify suitable products quickly, particularly those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

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