16 new additions in both HDPE and PET have been added to give customers an off-the-shelf solution for their product packaging.

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra said,

“Spectra are constantly looking to add new shapes and sizes to give brands genuine breadth of choice. When custom moulding isn’t always an option, our off-the-shelf designs can provide an excellent alternative that can still look totally unique to that customer”.

With the added bonus on a dedicated in-house print department, an impressive range of injection moulded closures and a long established colouring heritage, Spectra can still give brands a bespoke look often only possible with custom tooling.

With a range of over 250 standard products available, these latest additions clearly illustrate the firm’s desire to continually offer customers a variety of distinctive containers designed for a wide range of market sectors.

The new additions see Spectra increase their impressive Tubular Ranges, arguably the largest on the market, with the inclusion of 4 new Slim Tubular packs. These are available in 50ml (Ref: 6104), 100ml (Ref: 6104), 150ml and 200ml capacities as well as a new 40ml Tubular and a 375ml Tubular Foamer, all in HDPE. Additionally, a 150ml Slim Tubular has been added in PET.

Spectra has also added to its innovative oval offerings with the inclusion of 5 new Encore Oval designs, available in 100ml (Ref: 6111), 200ml (Ref: 6112), 250ml (Ref: 6108), 300ml (Ref: 6115) and 400ml (Ref: 6114). These sophisticated designs take Spectra’s stylish Oval Flip Top (Ref: 3030), providing a complete packaging solution.

Other HDPE additions include a new 100ml Eclipse design (Ref: 6111) which joins Spectra’s 250ml version (Ref: 6019) and a new 150ml Rectangular (Ref: 6113). For customers seeking a large capacity pack in PET, a new 500ml Square (Ref: 1123) has been included, bolstering their extensive Square ranges in both PET and HDPE.

Jonathan said,

“As well as developing distinctive new designs we are constantly evaluating existing ranges to give customers genuine choice. We find that customers who require differing capacity options in order to accommodate their large product ranges often appreciate that versatility”.

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