Spectra Packaging was recently filmed for an Italian peak-time current affairs programme focusing on environmental plastic packaging materials.

A film crew from the Italian network RAI visited Spectra’s manufacturing plant and spent the day filming the different processes required to produce plastic bottles and caps.

An interview with Spectra’s Sales Director, Jonathan Powell, was also carried out, with a strong emphasis on environmental materials, notably bioplastics and post-consumer recycled plastics.

Jonathan commented, “The RAI production team chose Spectra because of our international reputation for environmental responsibility, which is hugely satisfying. The opportunity to discuss and show off the company, our facilities and our environmental ethos to a wider audience was also a fantastic privilege” 

Spectra’s overseas reputation continues to grow across a wide range of countries, most notably in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and of course Italy itself.

Although there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty for many UK businesses surrounding the effects of Brexit, Spectra continues to see European growth thanks to the firms dedicated and busy export team.

Jonathan added, “Our export team continues to build strong relationships in Italy, and a chance to showcase ourselves to a new audience in a growing market for us is always a compelling proposition”.

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