Responding to ever-increasing customer demand, Spectra has included ten new capacity options to a number of existing bottle ranges along with two new closures. 

Spectra’s current Tubular ranges are arguably the largest on the market; however, the addition of three new bottles means this timeless design can further satisfy a wide range of product applications. 

For example, Spectra’s impressive Tubular ranges now include a new 30ml (Ref: 1150) pack, boasting 20/410 and 20/415 neck options. Similarly, our Short Tubular collection has increased with a new 300ml version (Ref: 1140) with the same neck variants. A new 20/410 and 20/415 75ml Non-Aerosol pack (Ref: 1133) has also been added, which means our PET and HDPE Non-Aerosol offerings have eighteen options to choose from. 

Our Boston ranges are growing too. A new 24/410 and 24/415 Standard Boston Round (1139) and three new Tall Bostons have been added. These include a 100ml (Ref: 1141) and a 350ml (Ref: 1138), with 24/10 and 24/415 necks. A new 28/410 500ml (Ref: 1147) pack has also been added for those customers seeking a larger capacity solution. 

Indeed, Spectra has responded to growing requests for larger capacities with the inclusion of two more 500ml packs. Our ever-popular Roma and Lazio designs have both been bolstered with 24/410 and 24/415 additions (Ref: 1151) and (Ref: 1154) to give customers optimum product range flexibility. 

The new additions are completed with a 250ml 24/410 and 24/415 Ritorto Square (Ref: 1142) bottle. This radical looking design continues to prove popular with customers because of its unique twisted contours and compliments Spectra’s existing Ritorto’s, which are available in 100ml and 200ml capacities. 

To cap off the new PET packs, we’ve also added two further flip-top closures. One of the two new caps (Ref: 3043) is available in a matt finish and is a version of Spectra’s current 24/410 gloss flip-top (Ref: 3017); the other is a 20/410 option (Ref: 3042). Both new caps have been designed to fit a wide range of Spectra standard bottles. 

With a range of nearly 300 standard products available, these latest additions clearly illustrate Spectra’s desire to continually offer customers a variety of distinctive containers designed for a wide range of market sectors. 

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra, said, “Spectra are constantly looking to add new shapes and sizes to give brands genuine breadth of choice. When custom moulding isn’t always an option, our off-the-shelf designs can provide an excellent alternative that can still look unique to that customer”. 

Jonathan went on to add, “As well as developing distinctive new designs, and we are constantly evaluating existing ranges to give customers a genuine choice. We find that customers who require differing capacity options to accommodate their large product ranges often appreciate that versatility”. 

As part of Spectra’s measures to minimise its environmental impact, a new brochure highlighting the new packs is available in a paperless format. You can download it from our website at Spectra PackagingDocuments Archive – Spectra Packaging (  

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