One of the two new caps (Ref: 3043) is a sophisticated matt finish version of Spectra’s current 24/410 gloss flip-top (Ref: 3017), whilst the other is a new 20/410 closure (Ref: 3042), both designed to fit a wide range of Spectra standard bottles. 

The new components compliment Spectra’s existing range of five flip-top closures, which include 20/415 (Ref: 3018) and 24/415 (Ref: 3016) versions, as well as a 24/410 double wall flip-top (Ref: 3038) and a snap-one oval flip-top (Ref: 3030).  

According to Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra, the new closure additions illustrate Spectra’s desire to provide customers with a genuine choice. 

He said, “Over recent years, we have cultivated an impressive range of standard closures. These include double-walled caps, shallow caps, tall radiused closures, flip-top caps, snap-on closures and overcaps, all available in a variety of standard neck sizes”. 

He added, “We strive to develop new standard components to give customers maximum versatility for their products, and there are several benefits in taking one of our caps with a Spectra bottle”. 

Jonathan explained, “Using a single-source supplier for both bottle and cap provides real peace of mind. Our caps have been developed and tested to offer genuine reliability. What’s more, a single-source fully synchronized delivery commitment provides a stress-free, under-one-roof service as opposed to using two manufacturers with fragmented lead-times”. 

Technical reassurance  

As with Spectra’s other flip-tops, the new caps are bore-sealed instead of conventional platform sealed caps, meaning the inside of the component slides tightly into the inside of the bottles neck cavity for a more effective seal to eliminate potential leaks and drips. Additionally, customers can request a controlled thread start system for the desired orientation on their closures if they so wish. 

Other closure options 

As well as flip-top offerings, Spectra’s closure ranges also include 20/415 and 24/415 tall radiused options as well as 20/415, 24/410 and 24/415 shallow caps. 

For customers looking for a sleek bottle and closure profile, Spectra can also offer 20/415 and 24/415 double wall selections as well as a range of non-aerosol overcaps in both gloss and matt finishes. 

Similarly, customers seeking an easy, one-handed dispensing solution can take advantage of Spectra’s 24/410 disc-top closure as well as the firm’s distinctive flared 24/410 component. 

To see Spectra’s closure and bottle ranges or to request samples, visit Spectra PackagingChoose Your Packaging – Spectra Packaging (, 01986 834190 or email 

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