Brights ideas for building consumer trust, now you see it, now you don't!

Illuminate will make your products stand out from the crowd!



Introducing Illuminate from Spectra Packaging – an innovative print effect, designed to light up any product.

Brand authenticity is vital to any company wishing to maintain customer trust. Sadly, the growing rise in product counterfeiting is seriously damaging many of today’s leading brands.

Brands can invest vast amounts of money and immeasurable time and effort into building brand equity. Unfortunately, one infringement and that brand’s reputation can be at risk in the blink of an eye.

Recent figures suggest that product counterfeiting generates nearly £3.5 billion of direct losses annually for the European cosmetics industry, amounting to nearly 8% of total sales for the cosmetics and personal care industry in Europe.

Product counterfeiting can also create health risks to consumers as well. This is because fake products are not subject to the same stringent testing that genuine products undertake before they are allowed onto the market.


Spectra understands that packaging plays a crucial role in the front line to thwarting counterfeiting, which causes economic damage and potential health risks to consumers.

Spectra’s Illuminate print finish is perfect for brands seeking an anti-counterfeit packaging solution.

The ink glows brightly under ultraviolet light, yet isn’t easily visible under normal lighting conditions. This means this innovative print effect can offer added reassurance against today’s sophisticated product counterfeiters.

Developed to offer genuine added value to any product, Illuminate is yet another example of Spectra’s on-going commitment to packaging solutions that make a difference.

Illuminate is also a great print finish to give packaging a real point of difference, putting products under the spotlight and making them stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about Illuminate or any of Spectra’s other innovative decoration capabilities call us today on: 01986 834190 or email our friendly Sales Team on:

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