At Spectra we believe innovative decoration can play a key role in defining the success of a product.

That’s why our highly skilled team of experts have developed a number of ways to help maximise the true potential of customers products through ground-breaking pack decoration.

Devised by our expert in-house print department, Spectra’s clever Seamless print finish enables brands to display intricate patterns around the entire 360-degree circumference in one single print pass. 

Technically challenging to achieve in the past, this ingenious print capability means Spectra can now align complex designs with no visible sign of a join. Seamless provides a genuine point of difference for brands wishing to stand out from the crowd.

Achieving a seamless printed appearance can present a number of challenges. When printing wet ink onto a cylindrical surface in a single pass, a lift-off area is normally required to prevent the screen making contact with the wet ink before it has cured and dried.

With that in mind, Spectra has developed an inventive way of printing designs in one single pass to achieve a seamless look. 

Seamless enables brands the chance to enjoy a continual circumference finish, particularly effective when incorporating complex repeat patterns.

This clever print finish is yet another example of how our expert team thrives on solving problems by creating ingenious ways to overcome the most technically challenging procedures.

Spectra believes distinctive decoration can add that “extra something” to packaging – so important when a product needs to grab consumer attention.

To request a printed sample or to find out more about Seamless, call us today on: 01986 834­­190 or email our friendly Sales Team:

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