One such customer is the conscious grooming personal care brand Etch, which utilises 100% rPET Prevented Ocean Plastic in its new bottles. 

Spectra were on hand to support Etch’s move from conventional kerbside-collected post consumer recycled bottles to a Prevented Ocean Plastic source for their range of Taper beard line-up shave gel, Raser all-purpose shave gel, and Thaw post-shave repair gel products.  

The new 200ml injection stretch blow moulded packs utilise Spectra’s popular Tall Boston Round design (Ref: 1000), one of nearly 300 designs from Spectra’s extensive off-the-shelf bottle portfolio. 

The new packs also mark a departure for Etch, who previously branded their packs with labelling. However, the new ranges take advantage of Spectra’s dedicated in-house decoration department with two-pass pin-sharp silk screen printing.   

The natural finish bottles benefit from the exceptional clarity of prevented ocean plastic, despite using 100% recycled content, presenting a clearness comparable to that of a traditional virgin plastic bottle. 

Dr Salman Malik, Founder and Managing Director at Etch, commented, “Prevented Ocean Plastic has been a game changer for our business. As a business disrupting a growth market, it was important that our brand took a conscious role in developing products driven by impact and sustainably. As part of our mission to “Shave our Oceans”, we wanted to partner with a supplier and organisation that proactively tried to use high-quality materials made fully from recycled ocean-bound plastic at the highest grade”. 

He added, “Spectra was the obvious choice, and this has allowed us to reinvent ourselves as a business innovating within the male grooming/beauty space. We wanted to play an active role as a startup business in delivering impact at scale, and choosing Prevented Ocean Plastic has allowed us to achieve this.” 

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