As part of their range of advanced natural skincare products, the new bottles use Spectra’s classic Palma Oval design (Ref: 1030), blowmoulded in 30% recycled PET with accompanying natural PP flip-top closures (Ref: 3017).

The new bottles were decorated using multi-pass silk screen printing in-house courtesy of Spectra’s dedicated decoration facility, with expert guidance from the firm’s knowledgeable artwork and print technicians.

SalvX is the brainchild of natural health expert Jonathan Stallick, who created its formulations after seeing how dry problem skin physically and mentally affected his patients.

SalvX formulations fully complement conventional or homoeopathic treatments using carefully sourced botanical oils and extracts that ease and comfort dryness, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Spectra’s ergonomic Palma oval design is perfect for a host of product applications and is just one of nearly 300 off-the-shelf designs available in PET and HDPE. Similarly, Spectra’s extensive range of complimentary closures includes oval flip-tops, shallow caps, tall radiused, double wall, disc top and non-aerosol over options.

John Pymar, Customer Services Representative at Spectra, said, “Many of our customers benefit from our diverse collection of standard off-the-shelf packs. We’re constantly developing distinctive new designs whilst evaluating existing ranges to give our customers the flexibility of choice. Additionally, our closure portfolio continues to grow and with our ability to print on-site, we can confidently claim to provide a complete packaging service”.

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