At Spectra, we are no different and are waking up every day to new information about how COVID-19 impacts our communities, our employees, our customers and our partners.
We fully appreciate that the enforced new norm has proven incredibly challenging for all our customers, with significant numbers having to adapt to either working from home or reduced times in their offices.
Despite the enforced changes to working practices, Spectra also knows that giving the same level of support customers have grown accustomed to in normal circumstances is vital during these testing times. We continue to stand firm in our company values, putting customers first, partnering together for the best outcomes and learning and adapting so that we can help our employees and customers adjust to this new way of life.
Now more than ever, it is vital that we maintain regular contact with our customers, ensuring that we are able to appreciate the challenges they are facing and work together to find the best way to support them through these challenging times. To enable this all our sales and customer service staff are available via both phone and video conferencing. Whatever your preferred platform, Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc., we are ready to support you. 
Over the coming weeks, our teams will contact all our customers to arrange video meetings. In the meantime, if you need our help, please reach out to your regular Spectra contact, and we will be happy to arrange a meeting via your preferred platform.
These are challenging times to do business. We are all having to adapt and evolve to different challenges to ensure a degree of normality can continue smoothly whilst the nation continues to grapple with the dangers of COVID-19. Our focus is on keeping our employees safe and maintaining our business continuity so that we can help you keep yours.
Thank you for your trust and partnership.
The Spectra Packaging Team.

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