As we have seen, the end of the lockdown shows we are all still some way from a return to what was the old "normal".

COVID-19’s catastrophic effect on many parts of the economy is all too evident, with countless businesses continuing to acclimatise to what could now be the ‘new norm’ for many. 

It’s fair to say nearly everyone is going through significant challenges as the economy tries to restart after several months of enforced inactivity.

Some market sectors are beginning to operate at near-normal levels; however, others such as consumer-facing sectors, continue to come to terms with social distancing restrictions. Many other sectors are faced with concerned consumers suffering potentially limited household incomes that significantly impact on their willingness to spend.

There is a hope that high streets could potentially benefit from a much-needed boost in lunchtime and after work hours trade, as many people begin to return to work in towns and cities at the start of August. However, with cautious optimism for the short term, an economic bounce back remains to be seen.

At Spectra Packaging, we fully understand the difficulties that lay ahead, which is why we are on hand to support brands come to terms with the ‘new norm’. 

Joe Maynard, Managing Director for Spectra, said, “Although many within the manufacturing sector have had to close for several months, as an essential supplier of packaging that helps counter the virus, we have carried on operating. As such we are well-oiled, sleek and ready to respond and deliver solutions for businesses needing to make up for the lost time”.

He added, “We’re here to assist brands in any way we can to help reignite consumer excitement and the economy”.

Indeed, in these unprecedented times of uncertainty, many businesses, albeit brand owners, contract fillers or stockists – large or small, need a trusted partner that they can rely on to provide the support they need. Spectra firmly believes it is that partner.

The firm has earned the trust of a wide range of well-known leading brands and continues to provide the complete packaging solution from their purpose-built, stand-alone facility, which is staffed by industry experts – all ready and willing to help.

Whether it is off-the-shelf or custom tooled extrusion, injection blow-moulded containers or injection moulded closures, Spectra can provide customer-centred solutions all under one roof for a wide range of requirements. 

Totally self-sufficient, Spectra’s complete offering also provides environmental options, exact-match colouring and innovative decoration solutions to help brands stay one step ahead of their competition.

Joe went on to comment, “Our aim is simple, to give brands the support they need to succeed in a highly competitive market. A strong customer-focused ethos combined with continual investment in the latest state-of-the-art equipment and skilled employees means we can confidently achieve that aim”.

To find out how Spectra can provide support, either helping re-establishing your business, getting your products out to market or by giving industry expert advice, call +44 (0)1986 834190 today.

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