In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, Spectra is proud to use the opportunity to recognise the value of its young apprentices.

Alex is our IT Technician Apprentice

Bailey is one of our Maintenance Apprentices

Francesca is our Finance Apprentice

George is one of our Maintenance Apprentices

Josh is one of our Tool Room Apprentices

Nathan is one of our Tool Room Apprentices

Callum is one of our Maintenance Apprentices

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 focuses strongly on a “Build the Future” theme, which aims to show how apprenticeships can help individuals build the skills and knowledge they need for a rewarding career ahead.  

Spectra believes apprenticeships, and the development of young talent, is a vital component in its continued success, with a total of seven apprentice placements earning and learning in a wide variety of departments, including IT, Finance, Tooling and Maintenance.  

National Apprenticeship Week presents an ideal opportunity to get their perspective on how they feel their apprenticeships have benefited them. 

Bailey Gower, George Short and Callum Brown, who all attend Norwich City College, are learning invaluable skills in Spectra’s busy maintenance department at the moment.  

Because we value their contribution, we were interested to see if they felt the company was sufficiently supporting them in their apprenticeship roles.  

Bailey, 19, felt he was being given excellent training and was actively involved in everything to broaden his knowledge. Similarly, Callum, 19, felt the firm gave him all the tools he needed, providing valuable advice when he needed it.  

When asked ‘What advice would he give to anyone thinking of embarking on an apprenticeship?’ 

George, 18, said “Try some work experience beforehand to check whether you want to do it for a career, then if you were happy, go for it.” 

Much like the firm’s Maintenance department, Spectra’s Tool Room has seen several apprentices over the years, and it’s where Josh Short and Nathan Baldwin, both 20, are currently learning their trade.  

Spectra was keen to get their opinions on what they felt were the benefits of studying an apprenticeship. In his 4th year Toolmaking Apprenticeship, Josh pointed out that not only do you get paid while training, but you’re also gaining expert training from knowledgeable colleagues. In contrast, Nathan, who is in his second year, felt that gaining first-hand experience in the job role, whilst still learning new skills, benefitted him. 

18-year-old Trainee Commercial Assistant Francesca Chambers, who is currently undertaking a Level 2 AAT course, joined the firm’s finance department nearly a year ago.

When asked ‘why she chose Spectra for her apprenticeship?’ 

Francesca said “It’s a great new opportunity for me and I know of other successful apprentices that worked at Spectra.” 

Spectra has also seen some of its apprentices gain recognition for their hard work. One such case is 22-year-old IT apprentice, Alex Curtis, who achieved Digital Person of the Year at the City College Norwich Apprenticeship awards. The award was given to recognise his significant contribution in the workplace and his willingness and dedication to excel in his professional development and learning. 

When asked what he felt were the benefits of completing an apprenticeship? 

Alex said “This allows you to learn whilst earning, making it an efficient and effective use of your time. If you have any issues or questions regarding your apprenticeship there is so much support from tutors and your workplace.”  

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra, said, “Our apprenticeship programmes have reaped genuine benefits for Spectra. We passionately believe that sometimes the only way to really learn how to do a job is to do it in a real-life environment. With the support of local colleges and senior colleagues who can pass on their knowledge, apprenticeships can prove to be an excellent route to a worthwhile lifelong career”.  

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