The new caps have been created to fit Spectra's standard containers and have been designed to offer greater performance with improved ergonomics. Spectra will be launching a 24/415 neck version first, swiftly followed by 24/410 and 20/415 options in the coming months.

The new flip-tops are bore-sealed closures as opposed to conventional platform sealed caps. This means the inside of the cap slides tightly into the inside of the bottles neck cavity for a more effective seal, eliminating potential leaks and drips. 

Another major improvement carried out by Spectra’s design team is the new improved ergonomic thumb recess, which appears on both the top flip element and the main body of the cap. This means the closure is easier to flip open, whilst offering a more visually appealing look.

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra commented,

“Our creative team’s challenge was to look at existing flip top designs and see how they could improve performance and aesthetics – clearly they have succeeded on both counts. It was important for us not to simply re-create what was already available, we wanted to offer customers a genuine improvement”.

Another benefit for Spectra customers is they can now enjoy reduced lead times because these closures can now be manufactured and coloured in house at our bespoke manufacturing plant in the UK. Additionally, customers can also request a controlled thread start system for a desired orientation on their closures as well.

Spectra will officially announce release dates for the new 24/410 and 20/415 flip- tops in the coming weeks. 

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