Spectra Packaging recently announced record monthly figures for the start of the year.

Following a challenging 2019, which also saw many within the packaging sector reporting a degree of trading stagnation, due in part to Brexit uncertainty, the UK converter has recorded outstanding results for the beginning of the current year.

Spectra’s Managing Director, Joe Maynard, attributed the results to several factors.

He said, “Irrespective of one’s political persuasion, last December’s election result may have eased the ongoing procrastinations surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union. With some of the uncertainty lifted, there seems to be more of a willingness in the marketplace to get on and trade with a degree of confidence – this is something we haven’t seen for a while”.

He went on to say, “However, despite the impact of Brexit and other forces beyond our control, it should be pointed out that we have worked incredibly hard, growing the company, providing brands with the highest quality packaging and ensuring great customer service. The high standards we have set ourselves could only have been maintained thanks to our dedicated, hardworking staff who have, as ever, been incredible”.

Indeed, employees at the firm’s Suffolk based plant celebrated their recent successes by enjoying a tasty Thai food day, which was supplied by an outside catering firm. Organised by the company as a small gesture of gratitude, this was Spectra’s way of showing their staff that their continued dedication never goes unnoticed.

Custom tooling uptake

Another contributing factor to recent successes has been the firm’s strong technical capabilities, which has resulted in a significant uptake in custom packaging, with increases in bespoke tooling projects.

A combination of distinctive tailored designs coupled with the firm’s growing range of standard off-the-shelf packs means Spectra can confidently offer the complete packaging solution with recent sales figures seemingly illustrating the point.

Joe commented, “Many leading brands buy into the way Spectra does business, often seeing us as the “go to” provider for help when tackling unusual or technically challenging projects. Our desire to innovate has helped us firmly establish ourselves in what is a highly competitive packaging industry. Customers enjoy our willingness to go the extra mile to help them stand out from the crowd”.

Joe went on to add, “We enjoy a healthy mix of both repeat and new business as we forge ahead with many new innovative offerings as well as environmentally responsible solutions and ground-breaking print technologies. The future continues to look very bright for the company”.

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