This latest investment, which will see over 10% increased capacity, follows several other expansion initiatives across all facets of the business, including investment in additional tooling to suit and a significant number of new staff appointments across all departments in the company.

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra, said, “We have witnessed significant increases in customer projects, which means we are often working flat out to satisfy demand. Our responsibility to our customers is to deliver on schedule, so we have installed additional machines to fulfil such obligations. Conversely, we are always looking to the future as a forward-thinking business that puts expansion at the forefront”.

Being ready and flexible enough to maintain busy periods to satisfy customer demand is essential to Spectra. Since its formation in 2008, steady expansion across all departments within the business has enabled the firm to deliver even when at its busiest.

Although Spectra continues to expand the business, investing in the most up to date machinery and technology, it sees investment in staff as equally essential to ensure they have the resources and training to give customers the highest levels of service, quality and responsiveness.

This latest investment follows news of the company’s plans to build an additional 24,000 sq ft unit, with building work now in progress. The new unit 6 facility will be completed by the beginning of July 2022 and will see Spectra’s total manufacturing capability increase to in excess of 100,000 sq ft.

Joe went on to say, “The ongoing investments we have made over the years has helped the business grow significantly in a relatively short time. The hard work of our dedicated staff, combined with brave decisions and a forward-thinking ethos, continues to reap the rewards”.

Spectra’s latest expansion plans were supported by a grant from the Growing Business Fund, from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, which works with businesses, local authority partners and education institutions to drive growth and enterprise in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

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