Spectra already produces high quality packaging in HDPE, PET and recycled materials; however, we are now developing new natural look materials to give brands a more organic feel.

Over recent months Spectra has witnessed significant interest from leading brands for a number of alternative offerings such as glass polymer, biopolymer and textured effects like wood grain.

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra said,

“We’re continuing to push the boundaries in conventional rigid plastic packaging in order to give customers a genuine point of difference. Over recent months we’ve been trialing a number of exciting new offerings and we’re looking to develop a range of new natural effects in the near future”.

As Spectra continue to closely follow market trends, there seems to be a growing desire for more natural looking packaging with certain brands looking at alternative ways to convey their products with a more organic natural look.

Jonathan went on to say,

“For instance, we’ve encountered significant interest in our glass polymer lately because it provides the same crystal clarity and weight as normal glass, yet benefits from the performance and flexibility of conventional rigid plastic. Combining this new material with something like a wood grain effect closure can provide a stunning natural packaging look. The combination is particularly ideal for brands within the personal care market promoting natural ingredient products”.

Jonathan strongly believes brands needn’t always settle for the norm when packaging their products.

“We’ve always tried to offer something out of the ordinary at Spectra, something that will help brands elevate their products in a shop shelf environment. By pushing innovation in materials, print finishing and colouring, our aim is to elevate our customer’s products, setting them apart from others. What’s more, our creative in-house team continues to thrive on such challenges”.

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