Our popular oval range, which includes a 100ml version with either 20/410 and 20/415 necks and a 200ml design with 24/410 and 24/415 configurations, now includes a stylish new 200ml offering featuring a Giflor low profile, lightweight snap-on closure.

Spectra’s Sales Director, Jonathan Powell sees the latest addition as a huge plus for customers looking for a pack with a difference.

“When the Burano prototype was premiered at Packaging Innovations 2 years ago, the really positive interest it received meant it was destined to become a Spectra standard. Since then it has quickly become a popular design with customers because of its distinctive ergonomic profile. The addition of a snap-on neck version gives brands an extra dimension when looking for truly original packaging”.

The new 200ml Burano pack (Ref: 6089) is accompanied by an Eco low profile bi-colour closure from Giflor, a sustainable snap-on cap alternative for brands seeking a more environmental outcome.

Maximiliano Bettini, Sales Manager at Giflor Plastic Caps commented,

“Spectra’s Burano container works harmoniously with our 844 XL closure. The lightweight, low profile cap uses fewer materials so it minimises packaging waste for a more environmental solution. The compact size also allows for greater economy scales, taking up half the space of conventional snap neck closures when packed and transported”.

The unique looking Burano Range, which boasts an oval shoulder profile that sweeps down into a rectangular base, is ideal for a number of product applications and joins our extensive range of innovative off-the-shelf standard containers.

Mr. Powell went on to say,

“It is our policy to continue supplying cutting edge designs for customers who want something that will set their products apart in competitive market sectors. The addition of this new design in conjunction with Gilfor’s clever closure design is the perfect marriage of innovation and style”.

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