The event saw a diverse group of speakers and business and community leaders discuss the importance of the circular economy and related topics around littering, establishing community food systems, driving climate action and repurposing and decarbonising buildings.  

Jonathan Powell (Sales Director) was given a platform to enlighten attendees about the measures Spectra has put in place to reduce its carbon footprint and how it has adopted reduce, reuse, and recycle strategies across the entire business. At the end of his presentation, Jonathan welcomed questions from the audience.  

The event, chaired by Justine Oakes, Head of Sustainability and Programmes and organised by the University of Suffolk, also featured engaging business presentations from Fiona Edwards, Head of Sustainability at JPA Workspaces, who explained how they provide workspaces that are better for people, the environment, and the planet, and Chloe Donovan, Managing Director of Natural Building Systems & Material Research, who showcased their ADEPT sustainable modular building system that uses biobased Hemp as it’s primary material.   

As well as business presentations, guests were also enlightened by community leaders such as Jason Alexander, founder of Rubbish Walks, an award-winning social enterprise that raises awareness about single-use plastics, litter and waste in general, Nick Woolley, from Woolley Project Management Ltd, who showed his incredible zero carbon eco-home, and Julian Thompson, who passionately illustrated the importance of community-level climate action.    

Jonathan commented, “The event perfectly illustrated that there is a desire among business and community leaders to rethink behavioural change through a circular economy model that respects and protects our precious resources. From the perspective of a responsible plastic packaging manufacturer, we were delighted to have been given an opportunity to explain our environmental efforts”.  

Earth Day  

Earth Day is an annual event that aims to promote environmental conservation and raise awareness about the impact of our activities on the planet’s natural systems.   

First celebrated in 1970, the day has become a global movement with millions of people worldwide participating in various activities such as tree planting, recycling, and advocating for policy changes to address environmental challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. The goal of Earth Day is to inspire people to take collective action towards a sustainable future and protect the planet for future generations. 

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