The pupils at Holton St. Peter Primary School have been busy working on a project collecting plastic bottles for a remembrance display that honors those lost in the First World War.

The children have been bringing from home plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes that they then cut into halves and fanned out to replicate a poppy. They were then painted red and put onto willow sticks ready to be put into the ground on the outside of the school. The children also collected black buttons as well to complete the look.

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra commented,

“It has been a tremendous effort from the children at St. Peter’s. Trying to gather several hundred bottles in time to complete the project was always a tall order. That’s why we were proud to donate 1,000 clear bottles to help them on their way to finishing their replica poppy field”.

Holton St. Peter Primary School, which is located a short distance from our manufacturing plant in Holton, contacted us and asked if we could help. Only too delighted to contribute to the schools efforts, our donation meant that the children accomplished their target in time for the Remembrance service in November.

Local vicar, Liz Canon, gave the service with readings from Richie Pymer from Holton Airfield Museum and members of the school. 

Other notable attendees included County Councillor Tony Goldson, as well as local businesses, schools and organisations. Spectra were proud to be represented by Joe Maynard himself. 

Additionally, as a mark of respect, 19 poppies were named and planted to remember those soldiers who came from Holton who lost their lives during the First World War.

Mr. Holt from Holton St. Peter Primary School said,

“We would like to say a big thank you to Spectra Packaging for their kind donation which helped us achieve our target of 5000 plastic bottle poppies. Their contribution went a huge way in ensuring our display was ready in time for Remembrance Sunday”.

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