The two new packs, moulded in a sophisticated frosted PET, take advantage of designs from Spectra’s extensive off-the-shelf standard ranges.

Spectra also colour matched the two packs in Highgroves’ trademark pale jade, complementing the frosted polymer to great effect.

Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented,

“Our task was to ensure the new bottles not only met with the high standards set by our customer, but that they also sat harmoniously within their existing range of products, we believe we’ve met the brief with flying colours”.

Inspired by The Royal Gardens at Highgrove, the Signature Collection is a luxurious range of products exclusively developed by organic beauty pioneer Daniel Galvin Jr and acclaimed aromatherapist Alexandra Soveral.

The Highgrove Shower Gel uses Spectra’s 300ml Short Square (Ref: 1039), whilst their 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash features Spectra’s 200ml Tubular (Ref: 1016) and 24/410 Flip-top cap (Ref: 3017).

Utilising essential oils and skin-nurturing ingredients such as cocoa butter and Aloe Vera, the Highgrove Signature Collection includes luxurious products aimed at pampering the body and calming the mind.

A donation from the sale of each Highgrove Signature item is given to The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation.

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