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British lifestyle brand Joules  turned to Spectra Packaging for stylish bottles for their latest range of hand lotions, body lotions, body washes and hand wash products.

The packaging make use of Spectra’s popular Flat Base Boston Round with 12 different designs produced. The stylish new bottles were also printed in four passes with the inks custom coloured to look like Joules’s existing range of homefragrance.

Challenging colour combinations

However, this wasn’t as straightforward as one would think. Joules have very specific bespoke colour combinations which have to be strictly adhered to. Colour is extremely important to their brand, which is why replicating transfers on glass with 4 pass silk screen printing on flexible plastic is hugely challenging. That said, after much testing and fine tuning we were able to achieve the desired look whilst maintaining highly accurate degrees of registration which was another key consideration.

Precise print alignment

Another challenge for Spectra was to ensure print on the back of the bottles could be seen through the clear product contents on some of the packs, aligning with the print on the front to reveal the finished design.

Joules are one of Britain’s best-loved family lifestyle brands with a well -established range of quality clothing, accessories and homeware. The company has developed a lasting relationship with Spectra who have also worked on a number of other projects, including their popular children’s gift ranges.

Spectra’s professional desire to overcome technically difficult projects is testament to their innovative thinking. Joules has extremely exacting standards and Spectra have overcome a challenging project to produce an outcome that reflects our quality products perfectly.

Andrea Yorston, Home, Outdoor and Lifestyle Senior Buyer at Joules