Perfect for a host of product applications, the stylish slim new packs will swell what is arguably one of the largest tubular ranges on the market and will offer brands a sophisticated slender look.

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra said,

“Our Tubular ranges have always proved incredibly popular with customers because of the designs versatility. The breadth of choice within our tubular ranges enables customers to package their products across a wide range of capacity sizes and styles, from small 30ml travel packs, up to large 500ml containers. The flexibility of the Tubular design continues to offer a compelling proposition for customers who have large ranges of product lines and the addition of sleek slim versions will provide added value”.

Indeed, Spectra’s expanding collection of Tubular designs now includes 27 different options to choose from.

These include 12 Standard Tubulars in capacity ranges from 30ml to 500ml, 5 Slim Tubulars in 50ml to 250ml capacities, 3 Short Tubulars in 300ml, 400ml and 500ml sizes and 7 Non-Aerosal Tubulars in 50ml to 300ml choices.

Furthermore, the new Slim Tubulars, four in HDPE and one in PET, have been tooled to accept differing neck finishes for added flexibility when deciding on a complementary closure, which Spectra can also supply.

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