The two new containers, which use our sleek non-aerosol tubular designs, see the UK based brand bringing its packaging manufacturing back to the UK from China.

Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra believes moving manufacturing back to Britain can only be a good thing for the customer.

Alex said,

“Spectra are delighted to have been given the opportunity to provide Eve Taylor with their new packaging. However, the decision to bring their packaging manufacturing back to the UK provides them with a number of other key benefits. For example, the quality of our British made packaging is without doubt more superior than components produced in China. Moreover, our response and delivery times are much quicker too and from an environmental perspective there is no high carbon footprint from shipping products long distance”.

Spectra also helped Eve Taylor make the move to PET, a more environmentally recyclable material for their new 200ml products. Additionally, decorated the new containers with silk-screen printing, providing additional expert guidance for all 18 different artwork variants to ensure quality consistency.

Alex added,

“As well as moving their packaging back to the UK, Eve Taylor also took the opportunity to rebrand their new products. Spectra were able to help and advise on the most appropriate ways to colour and decorate the new packs to give them an individual outcome. Our in-house artwork team was able to provide expertise for all the different fragrance options, we provided a full service packaging solution for the customer”.

Eve Taylor, who started the business in 1963, started out as a beauty therapist with a keen interest in essential oils. She went on to develop her own range of pre-blended oils and in 2008 was awarded an O.B.E. by the Queen for her contribution to the profession and industry. The company not only supplies an expanding range of personal care products to over 40 countries, they also provide aromatherapy courses for students offering expert knowledge.

Alan Taylor, Managing Director at Eve Taylor said,

“Spectra helped make our transition back to UK supply an incredibly stress-free experience. Their expertise in materials and print technology coupled with their innovative approach, provided us with new packaging that compliments our product ranges perfectlyā€¯.

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