The new packs, which were moulded in both HDPE and PET, feature Tall Boston Rounds from Spectra's extensive standard ranges. The new containers were also coloured to offer Auto Finesse a premium appearance for their high-end car care products.

Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said,

“Auto Finesse came to Spectra for help in providing packaging befitting of their high quality product offerings. The new packs have been created to enhance and maintain their standing for premium  quality auto care products”.

The new bottles are part of Auto Finesses broad range of car care products which include, cleaners, shampoos, waxes, polishes and paint cleaners for car exteriors and interiors. Auto Finesse also produces a range of accessories and kits and provides cleaning products for BMW Mini Cooper.

Mr. Beveridge, went on to say,

“This particular project illustrates perfectly that products can achieve a premium appearance without the need for custom tooling. Our huge range of standard packs offer customers off-the-shelf versatility”.

James Batty at Auto Finesse commented,

“Our established reputation for products of the very highest standard maintains our strong market position, Spectra have helped us preserve that with these new packs, showing our automotive ranges in the very best light. We are delighted with the outcome”.

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