We’ve seen a large increase in bespoke tooling projects for a diverse range of leading brands over the past twelve months. Spectra’s tool room has been exceptionally busy with additional new skilled tool-making staff taken on to service increased capacity.

Spectra’s Sales Director, Jonathan Powell said,

“It’s clearly evident that leading brands see Spectra as a trusted partner for their valuable custom tooling projects. I’m convinced that that trust has been built on a number of key factors such as industry expertise and experience. However, customers have embraced the fact that our skilled design team provide a balanced combination of innovative creativity and technical problem solving”.

Indeed Spectra must be doing something right. Recent figures indicate that orders for custom tooling projects have doubled over the past year. The company has experienced a growing need for their tool moulding expertise across a diverse range of market sectors including healthcare, beauty care and household products.

In addition to increased custom tooling for containers, Spectra have also seen a growing demand for bespoke tooled closures as well, offering a complete bespoke packaging solution. There have even been occasions when their tool room team have successfully solved issues on caps and bottles produced elsewhere, improving the design in order to help the packaging perform much more efficiently than previously.

Jonathan explained further,

“Sometimes customers encounter problems with their existing packaging that may include a number of niggling issues. It’s on occasions such as these that our highly skilled team can offer tried and tested expertise. Our tooling team thrive on a problem solving project that results in a vastly improved outcome for the customer”.

Spectra’s design team can work from a basic brief or sketch, where ideas can then be transformed into detailed drawings and realistic rendered concepts, enabling customers to visualise their product prior to any tooling. A distinctive shape can then be prototyped and moulded which can let customers see exactly how their product will look and feel. 

The company can also offer customers a number of helpful opportunities to fund their bespoke new design. Because tooling costs can prove significant for some customers, Spectra can provide flexible arrangements in its funding methods to help projects come to fruition. These options include the opportunity for outright purchase and ownership as well as a part ownership arrangement with a limited period of exclusivity.

Jonathan concluded,

“Many of our customers operate in fiercely competitive markets which is why distinctive packaging can often help elevate their products. Our creative team understands that innovative ideas need to work in a commercial environment, which is why we are here to advise on providing packaging that is both stylish and functional”.

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