The Little Science Lab was started by scientist and parent Kristina Castle. With a background in microbiology, Kristina worked in a chemist lab and cell culture lab for 20 years before moving into education. Kristina has participated in voluntary work as a STEM ambassador, working mainly during British Science Week, providing demonstrations and workshops to school students; this is where she realised her passion lies. As a parent, Kristina enjoyed partaking in science-based activities with her children at home, where Little Science Lab was conceived at the kitchen table. 

Little Science Lab was introduced to the public on social media to demonstrate activities that children can do at home to make science more exciting. Over time, the idea evolved. Kristina was dedicating time assembling ‘Little Science Boxes’ for parents and children with activities they could take part in at home together and science-inspired parties and events.  

During school closures, Little Science Lab reached out to Spectra, asking for help. As Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra pointed out; we were more than happy to donate over 1000 bottles and caps to support their excellent work.    

He commented, “It was great to be able to support such a worthwhile educational venture. We think Kristina and her team provide a valuable and fun resource that will engage children in science, helping parents to educate their children during the various periods of homeschooling during the enforced lockdowns”. 

Kristina said, “The kind support Spectra offered has been a huge help as I’ve always found it difficult to source bottles in the relatively small quantities that I need”. 

For more information on The Little Science Lab, visit Little Science Lab | Facebook 

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