The committee, which will include staff members from various departments within the business, will hold regular meetings throughout the year. The primary aim of the committee will be to set achievable targets. Some of these targets will be implemented before they reconvene for their next meeting; some goals will obviously take longer to achieve.

Marketing Manager, Mark Kingston, who will chair the committee, views the new group as the perfect way to exchange ideas and keep the business on track environmentally. He said,

“It is vital we maintain and explore new ways to review our behaviour as a responsible manufacturer. The formation of an internal committee, which openly welcomes feedback from various departmental employees, will be an excellent vehicle for us to achieve those aims inclusively”.

Over recent years Spectra has firmly put in place a raft of initiatives and procedures designed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

For example, Spectra has achieved ISO 14001, a globally recognised sign of commitment to the preservation of the environment. Obtaining certification proves that the firm meets the high standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to protect the environment.

Spectra is also a fully signed-up member of Operation Clean Sweep, an environmental commitment organised by The British Plastics Federation (BPF). The scheme strives to minimise plastic pellets getting into waterways, rivers or seas.

Last year Spectra also launched its own four-step environmental commitment. The pledge involves minimising manufacturing impact, initiating responsible waste management systems, single-use reduction and the development of environmental materials for customers.

Mark went on to say,

“The four-step commitment presents an excellent environmental benchmark for the business going forward. However, we are totally aware that there is always more to do. Accountability is key, and the input we will gain from an internal committee will certainly hold the company to account on any number of environmental issues”.

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