The two new packs take advantage of standard designs from Spectra’s extensive off-the-shelf ranges and are made from HDPE biopolymer.

The new hair and body wash pack uses Spectra’s 200ml Tubular (Ref: 6004), whilst a 100ml Tall Boston Round (Ref; 6016) has been chosen for incognito’s award-winning anti-mosquito spray.

The use of biopolymer provides an excellent environmental packaging solution for brands according to Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra. He said,

“incognito’s naturally made products and ethically minded practices are the perfect fit for our HDPE biopolymer. The numerous environmental advantages are ideal for any brand seeking a truly responsible packaging solution. Sourced from the ethanol from sugarcane waste as opposed to conventional oil based HDPE, biopolymer HDPE benefits from 96% renewable raw materials and can be recycled in same stream as normal HDPE, making it the perfect environmental alternative to regular HDPE polymers”.

Indeed, the beauty of Spectra’s biopolymer HDPE is there is no difference to normal HDPE other than the undeniable environmental benefits.

For example, there is no is difference in appearance or colour, no difference in the process or productivity and no difference in performance or properties to conventional HDPE.

Paraben and SLS free and dermatologically tested, incognito’s new reformulated hair and bodywash is both a shampoo and shower gel and contains rare organic Java citronella to boost protection from insects.

Recommended by Public Health England and NHS, incognito’s award winning 100% natural spray protects from mosquitoes that carry Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya as well as Ticks and other flying insects and contains active ingredients. Both incognito spray and hair & bodywash are Cosmos Natural / Soil Association certified.

The London based brand boast a list of awards including, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development as well as Best Insect Repellant for five consecutive years.

Nicky Monina from incognito® said,

“Our aim is to ensure consistency across all our product line packaging and Spectra stepped up to the plate with a biopolymer solution for both of these products. As an ethical brand with a long term sustainable focus, it’s important that we can have confidence that our packaging can deliver what’s needed and evolve with us in an ever changing environment.”

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