Working closely with all departments across the business, Spectra’s Purchasing Department ensures an efficient and effective supply chain to secure the best overall price, quality, and service. 

  • Evaluate and select appropriate partners and suppliers for each specific service or product requirement.
  • Source suppliers and partners by conducting thorough evaluations and assessments. 
  • Build strong relationships with our supplier chain to maintain open lines of communication to ensure smooth collaboration.
  • Negotiate contracting processes with suppliers and partners.
  • Monitor and evaluate supplier performance to ensure they meet Spectra’s stringent standards.
  • Market research and analysis to identify potential new suppliers and innovative products or technologies
  • Actively seek opportunities to reduce expenses through negotiation, consolidation of purchases, or exploring alternative sources without compromising on product excellence.
  • Evaluate and align our partners and suppliers to meet the company’s evolving needs to prioritise efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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