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As a responsible manufacturer, we firmly believe we have an obligation to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment as well as take care of our valued employees, suppliers and customers.

From responsible manufacturing processes and energy efficiency measures to waste reduction, management and recycling behaviours, we have developed a sustainable and responsible ethos that extends beyond the products we make.

Environmental Responsibility

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Minimising Our Impact

As a manufacturer of plastics, we take our responsibilities seriously, continually looking at ways we can minimise our impact on the environment. Consideration for the environment continues to play a vital role in every aspect of our business.

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Recycled Solutions

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics are derived from end products that have completed their life cycle as a consumer item. These products are commonly discarded PET and HDPE bottles that would otherwise potentially end up in landfills or the wider environment.

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Bioplastic Solutions

In addition to recycled plastics, we can also provide bioplastic materials that address start and end of life solutions. These materials are either manufactured from renewable materials or are materials that enable faster degradation into biomass or, in some instances, both.

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Packed with Sustainability

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We continue to actively pioneer sustainable materials to support customers wishing to use environmentally friendly solutions for their product packaging. We have forged strong relationships with environmental material suppliers in order to constantly review, trial and test the very latest materials as they enter the market for the benefit of our customers.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to operating as a socially responsible business and are mindful of the communities around us and our obligation to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. By acting responsibly, we can offer products and services to meet our customers’ needs, while also providing a positive and vibrant place of work that attracts the best talent across all ages, genders and ethnicities.

Our social responsibility goes beyond looking solely at a profit, taking into account a broader commitment to building a better society.

We are serious about how our activities reflect our values, and we try and do this by making a positive impact on society and our environment – through our operations, products and services and our interaction with employees, customers, communities and suppliers.

We take an active involvement in a range of socially responsible measures, including charitable activities and staff volunteering projects.

Supported by the company, our employees annually self-organise several fundraising events for a wide range of charities. These include Macmillan Cancer Research, Children in Need, Operation Christmas Child and the Salvation Army’s work with the homeless. Additionally, we actively encourage school visits and initiatives aimed at educating children on the value of recycling.

Our social responsibility has been established to increase overall engagement to ensure we all feel more connected with society.

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