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Spectra Packaging helped Medichem achieve a twin-pack solution for their DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe 3 in 1 conditioner, shampoo and body wash.

The company was tasked with tooling and manufacturing 250ml twin pack containers that could snap together offering a novel bath time experience for younger customers.

Ingenious joining mechanism

Spectra developed a clever ring sleeve mechanism that enabled both containers to snap lock into one another offering a dual pack solution that could be shown either way up. The two component bottles can also be separated by simply pulling the two packs apart, offering a mix and match opportunity as well as two distinctive stand alone items.

Additionally, Spectra also ensured that the snap ring allowed the two components to rotate independently enabling the labels to align when displayed

Problem solving ethos

The project perfectly illustrated Spectra's problem solving prowess. Our customer had a very clear vision of what they wanted and it was our job to overcome any technical issues and simply make it happen. It's the kind of project our creative team really love to get involved in.

DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe 3 in 1 is a conditioner, shampoo and body wash, which is formulated for regular everyday use. Designed to gently cleanse without stripping natural oils, the products are aimed at leaving hair and skin fresh and clean in an organic way.

Spectra's innovative approach throughout this project shouldn't be underestimated. Although we knew exactly what we wanted, the technicalities of execution developed by their team meant our vision became a reality - we are delighted with the outcome.

Clive Morris, Production Director at Medichem