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Spectra have recently created stylish new packs for bBold Professional’s range of tanning products.

bBold Professional produce an exciting range of skin care products specifically developed to provide natural looking tanning straight from the bottle without harmful exposure to the sun.

Spectra Packaging was tasked with producing packs for bBold's new range of liquid and lotion products. The new containers, moulded in PET and manufactured in 150ml and 250ml capacities, were also coloured and finished in a sophisticated high gloss black by Spectra.

The bottles were initially labelled elsewhere to incorporate bBold's distinctive pink and white branding. Unfortunately, the labelling process produced unsatisfactory results, which Spectra were only too happy to evaluate and solve for their customer as part of their complete packaging service.

Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra remarked, "bBold's packs were finished in a stunning deep gloss black. However, printing translucent inks direct onto a very dark background is technically very difficult, particularly when trying to maintain vibrancy of colour, which is why bBold originally opted for labelling instead. Unfortunately, this then caused other issues, which meant printing directly onto the containers was the only option. This is where Spectra's technical problem solving expertise was called upon".

Indeed, after trying and testing, Spectra's decoration team were able to devise an ingenious way of overlaying inks whilst maintaining perfect registration, meaning the bBold corporate pink and white branding looked both bright and vibrant even after being printed direct onto black containers.

Louise McIvor, Brand Manager for bBold commented, "Despite a number of technical challenges during our product's packaging journey, Spectra maintained an extremely positive, helpful and innovative approach which filled us with complete confidence. The new packs have real visual impact thanks to Spectra's efforts. As a packaging partner, they are great to work with".