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As part of Spectra's ongoing measures to minimise its manufacturing impact, an internal ISO: 14001 environmental audit was recently carried out at their purpose-built plant in Suffolk.

Developed to provide a systematic and documented verification process that objectively obtains and evaluates evidence, the annual inspection is part of Spectra’s ISO: 14001 certifications to maintain the company’s Environmental Management System (EMS)

According to Christopher Bridges, Spectra's Technical Director, environmental compliance is hugely important to the company's ongoing sustainability commitment.

He said, “We aim to operate our business responsibly without compromising our environment, which is why we take our obligations very seriously. We openly welcome third-party scrutiny and see this latest external audit as a means of ensuring everything is in place, correctly addressing any improvements required. It's about environmentally keeping our house in order".

The recent ISO: 14001 audits looked at several ways in which Spectra could further enhance environmental awareness throughout the company.

These included ongoing energy efficiency measures, recycling practices, the use of electric servo blow moulding machinery and ensuring suppliers and subcontractors are also aware of Spectra's accreditation obligations.

The audit also proposed several other objectives and targets required to maintain accreditation. For example, the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment, the end of life implications of damaged or broken equipment and the diversion from landfill to recycling and reprocessing were also prescribed.

Christopher went on to say, "ISO:14001 plays an important role in ensuring we sustain our environmental ethos, a key driver to our continued success.''

He added, "Although intertwined, we see our environmental compliance fall into four key areas. These include our impact as a manufacturer, our waste management measures, our recycling and single-use behaviours and our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable material alternatives for our customer’s”.

By maintaining ISO:14001 certification, Spectra has proved that it is serious about meeting the high standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation to protect the environment. Furthermore, this important accreditation perfectly compliments the firm’s other responsible endeavours, which include Operation Clean Sweep membership, an environmental initiative dedicated to reducing plastic pellet loss into our rivers and seas.