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Despite uncertainty following Britain's EU referendum outcome, Spectra will continue to adopt a positive pro-European outlook according to Managing Director Joe Maynard.

"Clearly there is a sense of unease for some UK companies exporting to Europe, however, as far as Spectra are concerned, we are looking to continue our pattern of growth in the Euro zone".

He went on to add, "We have witnessed rapid overseas growth in the last couple of years and will be looking to build on that hard work despite media negativity following the referendum outcome - it's very much business as usual for Spectra".

Indeed, Spectra’s first 6 month overseas figures, showing growth of in excess of 50%, appear to reinforce the company's desire to build further ties within the European Union. Although there has been significant advances in Scandinavia and Germany, Spectra continues to spread the word across all territories, from Nordic countries to as far afield as Greece.

Spectra see the support of their trusted network of agents and distributors as hugely important to their increasing exposure in Europe as Charlotte Clarke, Export Sales Administrator at Spectra pointed out.

"We have forged excellent relationships with our overseas agent network and these blossoming partnerships have helped the company gain a genuine foothold in the European market. Despite the referendum result, we are very positive about the future".

Spectra's increasing presence in Europe owes much to a number of factors.

For example, the company has successfully exhibited at European trade shows in both Germany and the Netherlands, with future shows planned. Other factors such as the appointment of a dedicated point of contact within their UK office has helped build strong relationships, reaping significant rewards. Additionally, a carefully handpicked trusted agent network, which believes in Spectra, has also benefited the company. These along with Spectra’s positive pro-European stance means the firm have everything in place to continue spreading the word beyond Britain.

Joe enthused, "Building strong, positive relationships with not only domestic customers but with overseas partners as well has helped Spectra grow into a truly international packaging supplier and we genuinely don't see that changing".