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As we bask in a gloriously hot summer, it’s worth taking into account the impact a rise in temperatures can have on PET bottles.

To avoid potential distortion and shrinkage, there are a number of things to consider when transporting and storing PET bottles during hot weather conditions or in warm environments.

For example, temperatures of over 30°C can start to affect the walls of the container, causing stress, which can distortion and shrinkage, even if the bottle is packed in a box.

Spectra’s Technical Director, Christopher Bridges cautioned, “Polyethylene terephthalate behaves differently in certain conditions to other polymers such as High-density polyethylene (HDPE). Although the material boasts a number of fantastic benefits, such as it’s excellent clarity, barrier characteristics and recyclability, it has to be handled with care during rises in ambient temperature”

Indeed, there have been occurrences where PET bottles have been boxed and stored under metal roofs where there is minimal airspace, causing significant shrinkage in a matter of hours.

Christopher said, “Transporting PET in raised temperatures has its hazards too, however, there are simple actions that can be taken to help eliminate potential problems. These can include delivering direct without too many unnecessary delays and using trailers that are adequately ventilated”.

He added, “Once you’ve transported your PET its important to store your bottles with care in order to minimise further risks. For instance, we would always recommend that pallets are not left in direct sunlight when they are being loaded or unloaded and would advise pallets are stored away from any heat sources, windows or skylights”.

If customers are concerned about how to store their packaging or need further advice, our expert team are on hand to offer the best advice if needed on 01986 834190.