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Over recent years, the debate surrounding the impact of plastic has accelerated, and like many working within the packaging industry, Spectra is not oblivious to the environmental concerns raised.

As a responsible manufacturer of plastics, Spectra continues to make genuine efforts to support and educate customers in understanding those concerns.

Spectra believes that to have a clear understanding of the plastics debate; we all need to facilitate a measured approach on the benefits of plastic, along with the environmental impact of this truly versatile material.

We understand that plastics continue to play a vital role in all our modern lives. However, we are also aware of the limitations of plastic when it is not handled responsibly. 

This is why we support in general the UK government's objective of reducing plastic waste and improving recycling rates.

Indeed, we see many of the government's proposals as positive and progressive, such as their plan to unify council collection schemes across the UK to minimise consumer confusion.

That said, we also share the concerns of many within the packaging industry regarding some of the other proposals. These include the government's well-intentioned plan to tax plastic packaging products that do not contain at least 30% recycled material.

There are several reasons why we share these concerns, ranging from potential technical compatibility restrictions to the inability of existing feedstock levels to meet the 30% demand.

Concerning the government's proposed 30% plan, Spectra believes that the introduction of lower levels of recycled content presents a more realistic target in helping to minimise virgin plastic in packaging. 

For this reason, Spectra seized the initiative last year with the launch of PCR10, the firm's bold mandatory environmental scheme that sees 10% recycled content added to all their bottles. 

The PCR10 scheme aims to encourage customers to embrace the use of recycled content, and so far, the initiative has met with genuinely positive feedback from those wishing to explore environmental solutions. 

Many of Spectra customers have a genuine desire for knowledge to arrive at the correct conclusions when seeking environmentally friendly packaging. Spectra continue to support that desire, which is why we fully endorse a new document put together by the British Plastics Federation (BPF).

The helpful 24-page document, called 'Understanding the debate about plastic' raises many excellent points, explaining clearly and concisely some of the grey areas regarding the impact of plastics.

Spectra fully supports this useful document and applaud all the other positive work done by the BPF, who are a strong proponent of sustainable and responsible plastics. Moreover, the BPF continue to take a firm lead on a range of green initiatives. 

One such initiative being Operation Clean Sweep®, an international effort to ensure that the plastic pellets, flakes and powders do not end up in our rivers or seas. Spectra fully endorse this hugely important environmental initiative which is why the company became a fully signed up member last year.

For those still not sure about some of the issues surrounding the plastics debate, we believe this useful document provides a balanced and measured view on the current concerns around plastics.

To view 'Understanding the debate about plastic' click on this link: