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Men's grooming brand Bulldog has become the first certified cruelty-free brand to sell its products in China, without testing on animals.

Thanks to a ground-breaking collaborative project with Shanghai Fengpu Industrial Park, Knudsen & CRC and Oriental Beauty Valley, Bulldog, will be able to maintain its Leaping Bunny* cruelty-free approved status while its products are on sale in Shanghai, China. 

A unique agreement will see Bulldog manufacture in the UK, fill in the Fenxian manufacturing zone and sell via retail outlets in Shanghai. The arrangement means Bulldog products will not have to face the current animal testing laws in China at any point in their lifecycle.

All along, Bulldog has stuck to its principals, ensuring the company hasn't compromised its stance on animal testing. However, this new break-through arrangement will allow Bulldog to enter mainland China while maintaining their strict cruelty-free status. 

Currently, any cosmetics imported to China are required to undergo animal tests carried out by the government. By law, special use items such as sunscreens or deodorants sold in China, also have to be tested on animals.

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra, said, "We wholeheartedly support our customer’s ethical stance. This latest news is a testament to their unwavering determination to stick to principals that other brands may have forgone when seeking to capitalise on the huge Asian market. Bulldog's commitment is sure to pave the way for other cosmetic brands with a similar cruelty-free ethos".

 *Leaping Bunny Programme
The Leaping Bunny accreditation is a globally-recognisable gold standard for cosmetics, personal care and household products. The symbol is a coveted status for companies who want their products branded cruelty-free, awarded by the Cruelty Free Organisation.